The End

I have been chained to my computer.  j0285088 I have finished the first draft of my next book (working title: VISION)

I am now free...for tonight, at least.

The draft is 51,000 words, shy of my target, so there's definitely some fleshing-out to do.  Like the couple places where the manuscript is interrupted with SHOW SCENE HERE instead of, um, actually showing the scene.  That kind of stuff. 

I also have to do some research that will involve spending time at a funeral home.  I'm kinda squeamish so not sure how that's gonna go...

All that said...yay!  All the scenes are in place, I'm liking the story, the themes are even feeling balanced on first glance-thru. 

And, though they don't put it at the end of most books anymore, I did type the words THE END.  Just because it felt soooo good to do it.

And in other news...THE MARK was a "Waiting on Wednesday" pick.  Check it out : )