Surprise Launch Party

Or: My Friends Are the Most Awesomest Ever! I'd decided to skip having a launch party for my book.  Mostly because I just didn't think I could swing the time it takes to plan that sort of thing and a little because it felt weird to have a party that's all about ME.  

Last night, my amazing friends Beth, Jannine and Mistie and my husband Joe, threw a launch party FOR me.  And managed to make it a total surprise.  Which is pretty hard to do when it takes place at your own house and you're there the whole time. 

Ok, so I knew we were doing something to celebrate - Joe had told me that weeks ago.  But I thought it might be dinner out or maybe a handful of friends at the house.  Instead there was a whole bunch of friends, fantastic appetizers, dinner, drinks, music, desserts including this:

And, on top of all that, they gave me this:

My friend Beth went to the trouble of tracking down my editor, Caroline, for The Mark's cover and they all signed the back. 

I think it's pretty much the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.  So, thank you Beth, Jannine, Joe, Mistie, Jill, and everyone who made time to come out and celebrate.  You guys are truly the best.