So, back to what I meant to write about a few posts ago.  The next book.  CB067694 To which you might say:  Next book?  Your first isn't even out yet.  And, uh, won't be for like another eight months? 

Or, if you're close to publishing:  Next book?  Why isn't it done yet? 

Okay, slight exaggeration, tho' there are plenty of other debut novelists who've already sold book #2 or are working on revisions.  

Me?  Not quite there yet; still chugging away on my first draft.  The good news?  It's going great!  At least, that's how it feels at this stage, when the words are flowing and I'm cranking out eight or ten pages a day. 

The reality check:  those eight-to-ten will get sliced and diced and end up as god-knows-what in my re-reads (which I save 'til the end or I'd never get anything done).  

Right now I'm at 41, 400 words, which is how writers seem to measure progress.  Not in pages, like normal people.  Word count is much more impressive.  Especially on days you only manage to squeeze out a page or two.  500 words?  Excellent!

Anyway, 41,400 words comes to somewhere around 155 pages.  Or, to look at it another way, 71% of the 58,000 words of THE MARK. 

So, I'm getting there.  It's going great!  I'll have a draft within weeks!

Then, on to editing...