I can add one more line to my last post: June 2009:  Publishing contract arrives

Talking with my agent back in November, I'd asked:  "So, should I wait until I have the contract to turn in a draft of the revised book?"

"Oh, no," she'd said.  "That can take a while.  I've had clients turn in the whole completed manuscript before their contract came."

My reaction:  "Wow, you're kidding!" 

She wasn't. 

The publishing contract covers a lot of stuff, everything from royalties (for hardcover, trade paperback, rack-size paperback, foreign royalties for each, audio, e-books, etc) to merchandising rights (t-shirts, action figures and the like) to how much of an excerpt can be released. 

Personally, I like knowing all these details and, under other circumstances, might have been a little freaked out by not having them earlier.  Except that it was clear my editor was working her butt off to make my book better. 

And when its obvious how much time and effort she's put in, its easier to wait for the papers that formalize it all. 

Nevertheless, I'm thrilled they're here and it's all official!






Photo credit:  Sam, age 3

Yes, this is my office and no, I did not pick out that wallpaper.