Video Adventures

I was googling around last night - after getting home from a holiday party, just so you don't think I sit at home googling on Saturday nights.  Though, um, sometimes I do.    Anyhow, I was poking around for launch week ideas and saw someone had done an online reading.  Interesting, I thought...

Pros: Lots of people could come. I could do it in my PJs. If I eff it up, I can try again.

Cons:  I don't know how to do a vlog.  Might be boring - of course, people could just turn it off whereas you can't really leave a live reading without being v rude, so maybe that's a pro? 

I decided to give it a test run.  Here's what I learned:

-there's a lot of distracting stuff on the back wall of my office.  

-tan is not my color and my growing-out bangs do not look good pulled off my face

-saying your own name is harder than you think


This is the video that proves all of that.  Except I was too inept to figure out how to post it so all I've got for you is this picture.  Which still proves two of the three.  

The jury remains out on whether an online reading a good idea or if the whole point of a reading is to see it live.