So, HOW long did it take?

This was going to be a post about my next book, but I got derailed writing the timeline for the THE MARK.  I've always answered "how long did it take you to write it?" with "oh, about nine months and then maybe another nine to edit". 


Oops.  Here's how it really went:

Oct 2005:  start writing                                            
June 2006:  first draft done
June-Sept 2006:  edit
Sept-Oct 2006:  have readers critique
Oct 2006-May 2007:  repeat above two steps…over and over again
May 2007:  begin querying agents, continue revising based on feedback
August 2008:  sign with agent
Oct 2008:  begin submissions to publishers
Nov 2008:  accept offer from Bloomsbury, discuss initial edits
Jan 2009:  turn in manuscript with initial edits
Early Feb 2009: 1st editorial letter
Mid-Feb 2009:  turn in edits
March 2009: 2nd editorial letter
April 2009:  turn in edits
Early May 2009:  receive manuscript, marked with copy edits
May 2009:  turn in copy edits
Feb 2010: scheduled publication (tentative)


So it was more like three years.  But who's counting?