Just finished copyedits for The Mark.  Copyedits are when punctuation is checked and consistency verified for the timeline and the story in general.  The corrections look like heiroglyphics on a paper copy of the manuscript:




I did not know what most of these marks meant. 

Copyedits are not scary.  Not compared to the two earlier rounds of edits, which came in harmless-looking letters that led to re-doing scenes, sometimes whole story-lines of the manuscript.  Working through those was like burrowing into a deep tunnel.  The good news is that the story was a whole lot better on the other side.

Copyedits are sort of fun.  The final crossing of "t's", dotting of "i's" - (or, in my case, the adding of lots and lots of commas). 

The only scary part is that they're my last chance to make changes to the manuscript.   

Packing it up in an envelope now.  Hasta la vista, manuscript!